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At Dublin Vitality Center, we use the very latest (2010) technology to give you younger looking smoother skin with no downtime. Our state of the art diamond tip microdermabrasion system offers the most effective and up to date treatment in the world. Not all microdermabrasion systems are the same.

Q: Is There Any Downtime After a Treatment?
A: Microdermabrasion is a safe and gentle procedure with no downtime. The client will need to protect his or her skin with moisturizer and sunblock for 24 hours after the treatment and may experience mild redness and peeling. However, the client can return to work immediately, which is why many clients prefer to have microdermabrasion treatments on their lunch breaks since there is no downtime.

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Compare Microdermabrasion Treatments

Microdermabrasion machines and home kits come in all shapes and sizes. Not all Microdermabrassion treatments are therefore equal. Medical microdermabrasion systems are the most expensive, being the most specialized, costing up to $25,000. The machine used by us is a medically classified device with FDA approval. It is specifically the class of machine you will find in the highest level dermatologists surgery and usually for the most expensive clinical treatments.

The cost of microdermabrasion in a medical setting is usually more expensive because of the presence and expertise of medically trained nurse practitioners. At Dublin Vitality Center, we offer you the very best medical microdermabrasion machines, nurse trained therapists and excellent prices.

The highest level medical microdermabrasion machines are traditionally marketed to and made for aestheticians, cosmetologists, and dermatology clinicians. The cost of microdermabrasion treatment can range and differ on the number of clinical sessions recommended, but is normally around E150 per session.

Traditionally microdermabrasion is performed by nurses, aestheticians and cosmetologists, microdermabrasion treatment can range and differ on the number of sessions recommended. However, in many treatment centers the therapists are not nurse trained. It is advisable to ensure your therapists is either a dermatologist or a nurse as they are best advised to treat your skin. Therapists at Dublin Vitality Center are nurse trained.

Medical microdermabrasion treatments are often provided as a compliment to other procedures such as red light therapy for optimal results. Medical microdermabrasion systems are the most expensive, being the most specialized, costing up to $25,000. The system used at Dublin Vitality Center is a medical microdermabrasion system of the highest level and FDA approval.


Treatment prices range from E100 to E200, making our price of E50 quite exceptional considering the quality of service. Diamond dermabrasion is quickly becoming the preferred standard for many reasons. Diamond microdermabrasion technology empowers you to seriously beautify your skin at a reasonable cost, without the risks involved in laser therapy, harsh chemicals, or traditional surgery. This technology empowers you to experience serious skin improvements without the inconvenience and risks involved with surgery, lasers, and chemical peels.

Diamond Microdermabrasion machines are usually packaged with diamond tip applicators that can either be natural or synthetic. The hand held resurfacing wand usually comes with different applicators and foams. With the power of diamonds mixed with creamy emulsions, the wands are specially designed to reach and buff hard to reach levels of the dermis. The advantage to this all-inclusive diamond dermabrasion clinical system is that the resurfacing wand allows to more deeply cleanse and polish pores while giving your circulation a healthy boost. At the same time gently abrading motion also stimulates blood flow and rapid skin cell rejuvenation through its therapeutic tissue massage.

Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment is known as a minimally invasive dermatological procedure as compared to laser resurfacing or even chemical peels. There is no doubt that it is more affordable than cosmetic surgery. Microdermabrasion will enhance your skin with high quality professional medical grade equipment and nurse trained therapists at Dublin Vitality Center




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